Robert A Ewy

age ~55

from Eudora, KS

Also known as:
  • Robert Ewy
  • Robert Alan Ewy
  • Robert Euy
813 14Th St, Eudora, KS 66025785 542-3978

Robert Ewy Phones & Addresses

  • 813 14Th St, Eudora, KS 66025 • 785 542-3978
  • 1211 2142Nd Rd, Eudora, KS 66025
  • 1506 Greenway Dr, Eudora, KS 66025 • 785 542-3566
  • Potsdam, NY
  • 2912 Lankford Dr, Laurence, KS 66046 • 785 749-1470
  • Lawrence, KS
  • Lecompton, KS
  • Galesburg, IL
  • Fontana, KS


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Robert Ewy
Suny Potsdam College
Child Care Center
Potsdam, NY 13676
315 267-2391

Us Patents

  • Method And System For Optimizing Switch-Transaction Processing In A Telecommunications Network

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  • US Patent:
    7184439, Feb 27, 2007
  • Filed:
    Apr 29, 2002
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Kenneth James Aubuchon - Lenexa KS,
    Robert Alan Ewy - Lecompton KS,
    Kevin Michael Fallis - Overland Park KS,
    Ronald Christopher Harris - Topeka KS,
    Daniel Christian Johnson - Shawnee KS,
  • Assignee:
    Sprint Communications Company L.P. - Overland Park KS
  • International Classification:
    H04L 12/28
    H04L 12/56
    H04J 1/16
    H04L 1/00
  • US Classification:
    3703951, 370229, 370235, 3702361, 3702362
  • Abstract:
    A method, system and article for optimizing the processing of switch transactions and updating multiple switches of a communications network based on a single transaction is provided. When a switch is backlogged with transactions beyond a threshold quantity, those transactions heading to the backlogged switch are grouped together, placed in a file and sent to the switch as a single transaction. Some of the batched individual transactions may be dependent upon other switches as well. The present invention accommodates for multiple dependencies and responds with a success notification only when all portions of the original transaction are complete. In another aspect of the invention, where multiple switches require updating, such updating can be accomplished with only a single transaction. Switch identification information is included with the transaction permitting multiple switches to be updated from the single transaction.
  • Acceleration Sensitive Switch

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  • US Patent:
    40938360, Jun 6, 1978
  • Filed:
    Jun 28, 1976
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Robert J. Ewy - Olathe KS
    Robert P. Moore - Lawrence KS
  • Assignee:
    King Radio Corporation - Olathe KS
  • International Classification:
    H01H 3514
    H01H 6702
  • US Classification:
    200 6153
  • Abstract:
    A switch structure detects acceleration in a preselected direction such as, for example, along the pitch axis of an aircraft. The switch has a spring supported mass urged toward a stable centered position within the switch housing. Acceleration displaces the mass such that it trips a spring wire switch mechanism for controlling such avionic devices as the autopilot system of the aircraft. A pair of solenoid coils are wound around the spring mass system on opposite sides of the centered position of the mass. The switch may be preflight tested by successively energizing the solenoid coils to attract the mass toward the centers of the solenoid fields, thereby artifically displacing the mass against the spring wire switches.
  • Differentially Coupled Dual Channel Actuator

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  • US Patent:
    48343196, May 30, 1989
  • Filed:
    Oct 5, 1987
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Robert J. Ewy - Olathe KS
    Gary L. Burrell - Olathe KS
  • Assignee:
    Allied-Signal Inc. - Morris Township, Morris County NJ
  • International Classification:
    B64C 1334
  • US Classification:
    244 75R
  • Abstract:
    A dual channel actuator for regulating control surfaces of an aircraft such as a helicopter. Primary and secondary channels are coupled by a differential gear. An internal stop in the differential gear limits the short term range of travel or authority of the primary channel. The secondary channel allows extended long term authority by recentering the reference point about which the rotational range of the primary channel is determined. A servo motor and primary input gear of the differential gear comprise the primary channel. A second servo motor and secondary input gear comprise the secondary channel. The reference point comprises a stop pin coupled with said differential gear.


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Supervisor At Sprint/It

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Supervisor at Sprint/IT
Lawrence, Kansas Area

Isbn (Books And Publications)

  • Charting Your Course: Lessons Learned During The Journey Toward Performance Excellence

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  • Author:
    Robert Ewy
  • ISBN #:


Robert Ewy Photo 2

West Bend High School, We...

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Robert Ewy (1954-1958),
Jeff Banwart (1976-1980),
Mark Steil (1983-1987),
David Forsythe (1977-1981),
Jeannie Schmidt (1986-1990),
Shelley Franklin (1984-1985)


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Robert Ewy

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MaryAnn Sirianni Ross, Jon Rittgers, Katrina Ariel, Jan Belzer, Deborah Turner

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