Lawrence P Mansour

age ~34

from Canyon Country, CA

Lawrence Mansour Phones & Addresses

  • 17689 Medley Ridge Dr, Canyon Cntry, CA 91387 • 586 495-4748
  • Canyon Country, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Troy, MI
  • 48556 Amber Lane Dr, Shelby Twp, MI 48315 • 586 997-6570
  • Shelby Township, MI

Us Patents

  • Method And Application For Publicly Displaying Cell Phone Photographs

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  • US Patent:
    20120197687, Aug 2, 2012
  • Filed:
    Jan 11, 2012
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Lawrence Mansour - Shelby Township MI, US
    Martin Yousif - Troy MI, US
  • Assignee:
    Optime Inc. - Sterling Heights MI
  • International Classification:
    G06Q 30/02
    G06Q 10/00
    G06F 15/16
  • US Classification:
    705 12, 709219, 705 144
  • Abstract:
    The present invention provides for a computer based method of uploading and displaying media taken by a user on a mobile device wherein the media, such as a photograph, is displayed on a public display unit. The method comprises the steps of downloading an application on a mobile device wherein the application is operable to allow a user to take a photograph on the mobile device. The method further includes the steps of uploading the photograph to a computer based database server, storing the photograph in a first file, monitoring the photograph for inappropriate content, storing the photograph in a second file if the photograph is deemed appropriate for public viewing, and displaying the photograph on the public display unit. The present invention requires the user to enter an access code displayed only at the venue.
Name / Title
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Phones & Addresses
Lawrence Mansour
Communication Services
48556 Ambern Ln Dr, Utica, MI 48315
48556 Amber Ln Dr, Shelby Township, MI 48315


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Lawrence Mansour

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Brendan NeilMansour Lawr...

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Locate Brendan Neilon-Mansour of Lawrence, MA online. See what your old friends, neighbors, and colleagues have been up to at MyLife.


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