Gary G Watanuki

age ~65

from Gurnee, IL

Also known as:
  • Gary Gary Watanuki
  • Gary G Watanki
  • Gary I
Phone and address:
7393 Korbel Dr, Gurnee, IL 60031
847 548-8761

Gary Watanuki Phones & Addresses

  • 7393 Korbel Dr, Gurnee, IL 60031 • 847 548-8761
  • Green Lake, WI
  • Arlington Heights, IL
  • Wheeling, IL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Bloomingdale, IL
  • Mount Prospect, IL
  • 7393 Korbel Dr, Gurnee, IL 60031 • 847 370-6010


  • Position:
    Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance Occupations


Us Patents

  • Tandem Seal Arrangement For Mechanical Face Seals

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  • US Patent:
    55293158, Jun 25, 1996
  • Filed:
    Feb 14, 1994
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Thomas Borrino - Glendale Heights IL
    Michaeline G. Kruszynski - LaGrange Park IL
    Gary G. Watanuki - Wheeling IL
    Daniel N. Kozlowski - Naperville IL
  • Assignee:
    John Crane Inc. - Morton Grove IL
  • International Classification:
    F16J 1538
  • US Classification:
    277 65
  • Abstract:
    A three-part seal comprising an inboard, an intermediate and an outboard seal and defining two chambers, a mixing chamber between the inboard seal and the intermediate seal and a buffer chamber between the intermediate seal and the outboard seal, provides the capability of zero emissions of a process fluid under pressure in a housing. The process fluid may comprise a toxic or otherwise environmentally hazardous process fluid. A radial bore provides fluid communication between the buffer chamber and a buffer fluid reservoir, for example, a source of nitrogen gas, which is maintained at a pressure, preferably about five to eight psi, over the fluid pressure in the mixing chamber. Spiral grooves on at least one ring of the intermediate seal pump the buffer fluid from the buffer chamber into the mixing chamber where it mixes with any leakage of the process fluid and is evacuated through a second radial bore which provides fluid communication between the mixing chamber and a collection pod for collecting and processing the mixed fluid. A method of providing a zero emission seal between a housing and a relatively rotating shaft is also disclosed.


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Gary Watanuki

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